Specialist Near Infrared camera range designed specifically for facial recognition.

Accurate Imaging

Facial recognition performance is affected by changes in lighting conditions. Our range of cameras overcomes this to deliver consistent imagery under all lighting conditions.

Without a clear image, it does not matter how well face recognition software performs, as the task cannot be completed with the reliability and accuracy demanded by users who depend on these systems for border control, aircraft self-boarding and other security critical tasks.

Using near Infrared illumination, our range of specialist camera hardware is designed to ensure that our facial recognition applications can always continue operating to the same standard, regardless of changes in local lighting conditions. Using our Bio-Acquire SDK, these cameras can also be used by third party face recognition vendors.

Aurora-AI pioneered the use of near IR flash photography for facial recognition in airport terminals such as Heathrow, where operations are such that every passenger must be processed, regardless of varying lighting conditions.

The camera range is built in the UK, by a specialist manufacturer of scientific imaging equipment, and has been designed specifically to interact with our AI-based face recognition SDKs.

  • Discrete, Non-Intrusive Near Infrared 830nM illumination.
  • Wide dynamic range for operation in all lighting conditions and times of day.
  • LED illumination for low power operation.
  • High speed global shuttering to eliminate motion blur in moving faces.
  • Various form factors for surface mounting, embedding or retro-fitting to gates and kiosks.

Single AsLoc with screen

Floor Mount

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Single AsLoc without screen

Floor Mount

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Double AsLoc with screen

Desk/Kiosk Mount

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Single AsLoc without screen

Desk/Kiosk Mount

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Wall Mount

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OEM Embedding

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