Integrate dynamic face recognition into existing security protocols to support the concept of Differentiated Security.

Adaptable security at divestment

Where airports wish to apply different levels of security screening for individuals, Bio-Secure’s AI based face recognition provides the means to identify these passengers at divestment.

Bio-Secure integrates with existing divestment systems and can signal a change of security protocol, based on a passenger’s identity, to metal detectors and screening equipment.

This supports new concepts of differentiated security enabling higher levels of scrutiny based on risk assessment or status such as crew or staff.

Bio-Secure for applying enhanced security protocols

Bio-Secure is typically used to identify passengers at divestment, linking each tray with an individual to allow screening checks on the scanned images to be applied based on the identity of the owner. This can also be used to send a signal to software controlling either the metal detector or body scanner to indicate who is approaching the checkpoint.


The creation of a facial biometric template linked to an individual passenger is generally done at the first security checkpoint where only passengers with boarding passes are allowed entry. Increasingly, this process is integrated to automatic gates – the boarding card is scanned, and an image of the passenger’s face is captured for the enrolment process. The passenger’s biometric template together with the passenger reference is sent to the server.


Template images are stored on the server, with enrolment templates added to the current cache used for rapid searches. Although the cache is managed on the server, copies can also be maintained and synchronised on local camera PCs.


The external lane management system communicates that a process has started at a location requiring passenger identification – this might be a tray being filled at divestment or a passenger approaching the metal detector or body scanner. The message is sent to the PC controlling the camera or cameras at the specified location, which responds to the external system with the passenger’s identity.


In this process, the PC controlling the camera at the specified location goes into capture mode. Biometric face templates are then used as probe images to search the template cache. Details of the passenger or passengers identified as part of this triggered process will be passed as messages back to the external system.

Bio-Secure Configuration

The client interface allows the system to be configured; cameras and their locations to be recorded; enrolment and security points to be defined; alerts and other outputs to be designed and interfaced with third party dashboards & reporting systems.

  • Software
  • Hardware
  • Infrastructure


Bio-Secure is available as an SDK for security lane manufacturers to integrate within their existing systems. It provides a simple interface to enable identity management to be controlled at each step, covering divestment, approach to the metal detector or body scanner, and tray reclaim.

Licences are available on an annual basis and are configured based on the volume of passenger traffic and the number of terminals where the system is used. Capture software for the camera-controller PCs is also licensed annually based on the number of cameras deployed.


We recommend using the Aurora-AI infrared cameras, designed to work with our infrared face recognition engines, with both the Psiloc and Cube models suitable for this application.

The system requires networked, small form-factor PCs associated with each camera for template caching and control. At least one dedicated server is required for Bio-Secure.

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Bio-Secure integrates with the divestment system in tandem with the host passenger management system, so passengers enrolled at an earlier part of their journey can be subsequently identified at divestment. Each facial recognition camera requires a PC for local control and a central server is required for the management of templates.

Messaging takes place between the divestment system and Bio-Secure; with the host signalling when the facial recognition process should begin and Bio-Secure indicating when a passenger who has been selected for a different security protocol has been identified.

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