Acquire high quality grey scale images of faces in all lighting conditions using near IR cameras specifically designed for facial recognition. Bio-Acquire cameras improve the performance of third-party facial recognition systems.

Clarity in every light

Designed to overcome the problem of capturing a clear facial image when using CCTV cameras, Bio-Acquire is a near-infrared camera solution which can harvest images in all lighting conditions and will operate with moving people.

In face recognition systems using traditional visible-light cameras, variations in ambient light often prevent good quality images being captured, impairing face-matching performance and increasing the likelihood of delays through false rejection.

Whatever the application, Bio-Acquire can be used to deliver a consistently high-quality grey scale image for face recognition, using a discrete light source for minimum impact on users.

Bio-Acquire for capturing the optimum facial image in biometric matching

Using near-infrared illumination to capture images without exposing passengers to the discomfort associated with normal flash photography and with automatic adjustment for flash intensity, the cameras ensure there is no image blurring, even when the subject is moving.

System Requirements and Options

  • Hardware
  • Interoperability


The camera hardware is available in various different form factors, operating “stand alone” or integrated with Security Gates, Bag Drop Kiosks and other passenger touch points. The various lens options cater for different fields of view and can be specified with polarising filters.

Some models offer a remote flash unit for more challenging environments.

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The camera hardware and image capture software are designed to work with Aurora-AI’s range of face recognition based products, but they are also compatible with face recognition matching algorithms from other vendors, and have been proven to increase performance through improved capture results in all lighting conditions; this includes working with systems designed to match colour images.

We also provide an AI based Predictive Analytics service for airports

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