Aurora-AI brings a new level of intelligence to air travel.

Our expertise in Deep Learning provides the basis to enhance operational efficiency and improve the passenger experience.

We work with some of the world’s largest airports, who use our technology to securely validate millions of journeys, and we have spent many years at the forefront of bringing Artificial Intelligence solutions to real-world environments.

Our aim is to deliver further security, efficiency and planning capability to our aviation customers by continually developing these solutions.

Our team is made up of highly skilled experts with deep knowledge in the specialised field of AI, with the majority of our R&D team holding PhDs from world leading universities.

This expertise, combined with extensive in-field experience, enables us to analyse challenges and deliver complete, and fully supported, AI solutions.

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Whilst Aurora-AI is a specialist company focused on AI for aviation, it is no small venture. Aurora has a 20-year history and our commitment to advancing technology brought us to the attention of our now owners London-based Vision RT.

Vision RT is part of the William Demant Invest group, a leading Danish Medtech investor with a long term investment perspective, employing over 18,000 people with total revenues exceeding $3.3bn (2018 figures).

This brings us the financial stability and investment of a global enterprise, enabling our focused team to continue to develop specialist solutions for the problems faced by the changing requirements of the aviation sector.

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Chosen by Europe’s busiest airport, our facial recognition systems identify passengers throughout their journey, strengthening security and enabling self-service options.

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Using live data to generate insight into expected passenger movements our AI’s deliver accurate predictions hours in advance, improving decision-making and optimising the use of resources.

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Enhance threat-detection capability from scanned images using a highly adaptive approach to the assessment of imagery of both baggage and people.

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Independent testing of Aurora-AI IR face recognition

A team from the University of Nottingham Computer Vision Lab, led by Dr Michel Valstar, has carried out an independent evaluation of our Face Recognition performance against other vendors.

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Whitepaper: The Benefits of Infrared Face Recognition

Overcoming the limitations of image capture in natural light.