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Artificial Intelligence Solutions

Aurora-AI has created a flexible AI development platform utilising state-of-the-art Deep Learning technology. We provide consultancy services to create bespoke AI solutions for specific business requirements with a range of clients.

The end product is a piece of software that will run on any PC or as a cloud service. The software contains an artificial neural network, simulating the human brain, that can carry out almost any given recognition, classification or prediction task.

Why use Aurora AI?

Aurora has been at the forefront of deploying computer vision, machine learning and pattern recognition solutions for over 15 years; its solutions for authentication of individuals have been installed worldwide. In fact, it is Aurora technology that enables many automated passenger validation systems at some of the world’s largest airports. Underpinning our world leading accuracy are AI solutions developed through our proprietary Deep Learning technology.

Our team of PhDs, world-class experts in the field, can work closely with your team to analyse requirements and tailor your solution. Our extensive experience in deploying application software in the most challenging of real world environments, means you will have a complete solution, simple to install, easy to use and fully supported.

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