Artificial Intelligence solutions powered by Deep Learning

Aurora AI is a consultancy service that creates bespoke Artificial Intelligence (AI) for specific business requirements. The end product is a piece of software that will run on any PC or as a cloud service. The software contains an artificial neural network, simulating the human brain, that can carry out almost any given recognition, classification or prediction task.

Artificial Intelligence is being used in the following sectors:

What sort of problems can AI be applied to?

The technology can be applied to any application where there is an existing tagged dataset; recent developments have shortened the development cycle of an AI from many months to a few weeks.

AI can process images, text, sound or any kind of data to produce an output such as a textual label, classification, location or value predication. This covers a vast range of applications across many industries and we do not yet know the limitations of the technology.

What we do know, is that this technique is breaking records on a weekly basis. Often a trained AI is more accurate than the human expert. At Aurora, we have created AIs for face recognition, hand-written text recognition, detection of eye point locations, cancer diagnosis in histopathology images, gender classification and detection of headwear to name a few.

Deep Learning AI Applications
AI Applications

What are the commercial benefits of using an AI solution?

Many industries have comprehensive data assets available, much of it unstructured; an AI solution could be used to process this unstructured data to derive applicable meaning and extract value. The key advantages of an Aurora AI are:

  • It will be tailored for your exact purpose.
  • It will give results to a higher level of accuracy than most humans can achieve.
  • It will work 24/7 without any overheads and be cost effective.

AIs are being used for:

  • Determining customer sentiment for marketing purposes
  • Analysis of social media trends
  • Early detection and prevention of fraud or conduct issues
  • Pro-active prediction of maintenance requirements in the transport and defence industries
  • Analysis of medical images to accelerate diagnosis
  • Authentication of identity
  • Quality assurance in manufacturing and production

Why use Aurora AI?

Aurora has been at the forefront of deploying computer vision, machine learning and pattern recognition solutions for over 15 years; its solutions for authentication of individuals have been installed worldwide. In fact, it is Aurora technology that enables many automated passenger validation systems at some of the world’s largest airports. Underpinning our world leading accuracy are AI solutions developed through our proprietary Deep Learning technology.

Our team of PhDs, world-class experts in the field, can work closely with your team to analyse requirements and tailor your solution. Our extensive experience in deploying application software in the most challenging of real world environments, means you will have a complete solution, simple to install, easy to use and fully supported.

AI Applications